Employee Spotlight: Kirsten

Employee Spotlight: Kirsten

 Meet Kirsten, a Patient Service Representative at the Twin Cities Surgery Center. Kirsten was nominated for the Employee Spotlight for working hard every day to make sure that every patient is taken care of regardless of how many hoops she needs to jump through to get there. Kirsten’s attention to detail and reliable work ethic make her the perfect candidate for the Employee Spotlight this week!


What is your position?

I am part of the front desk admin team at the Twin Cities Surgery Center. I assist patients from the time they call o make their appointment to the time their chart gets scanned into their patient account and all the necessary points in between.

How long have you been with TCPC? 

I began working at TCSC on December 4th, 2017. I’ve been here for 3 months!

 What are some of your hobbies

I’ve been blessed with 2 adorable teenagers so any time I get to spend time with them fills my “hobby spot”! Beyond that I have several other hobbies, but my passion is cooking. I love to create recipes from scratch using ingredients, lots of spices and a variety of meats. As a mom, I wanted my kids to know that eating vegetables was not an option, so early on I developed the “eat your age” method where they had to eat as many vegetables for however old they were. While they were growing up it alleviated a lot of stress at the table & now they eat vegetables/salads with no issues. I have a Facebook page where I share the recipes I create & showcase on a few Twin Cities local TV stations so all of my fiends have an opportunity to try out my dishes & give me feedback. It really is one of the BEST passions/hobbies I could ever ask for because food is one of the biggest common denominators among every person on earth, food brings us all together & is essential for daily living. 

 What is your favorite thing about working at TCPC? 

I love the variety that my role at Twin Cities Surgery Center provides me each day. I love doing the “data entry” because it’s quiet & there is such a feeling of accomplishment in getting piles of papers off the counter & put into the shredder because it is now all on the computer. I also LOVE talking to people so helping out patients by scheduling them for their procedures & checking them in during the day gives me an outlet to chat with people. I had one couple that I really connected with because they needed help getting the husband scheduled. I looked at it as if it was my own grandparents, who have now all passed away. What if my family members needed help, I’d want someone else to help them just like I have the ability to help others here at TCSC. It took several days and several calls back and forth to schedule the husband & I was able to chat with this couple when they came for the procedure, it brought tears to my eyes because they were so very thankful for all of my help. You can’t always make everyone happy, but if you can make even one person happy, it’s worth every effort to do just that. 


Thank you for all of your hard work, Kirsten!

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