Coming Soon! Check-in Kiosks!

Twin Cities Pain Clinics are excited to launch our new check-in kiosk technology!

We are committed to you and are working to make your healthcare experience easier and more efficient. Our new patient registration stations allow us to get you to your visit more quickly by:

1. Immediately alerting the front desk that you have arrived.

2. Reducing the amount of paperwork we will ask you to fill out while at the same time helping us abide by new government regulations (Red Flag and Meaningful Use.)

3. Shortens the time it takes for you to be seen. Simply confirm the data at the kiosk.

4. Identifies your accurate copay amount. You will be able to pay at check in rather than on your way out.

5. Ensures your information is accurately submitted to your insurance company, which will help your claim get processed quickly and correctly and will help eliminate calls from our office and your insurance company to you.

6. We are concerned about your privacy and the security of your information. This system keeps all your information completely secure and confidential, by fully complying with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability) guidelines.


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