Implantable Devices

Neurostimulation Therapy

A neurostimulator is a small system that would be placed in your body like a pacemaker. They are sometimes referred to as “pacemakers for pain.” A neurostimulator generates mild electrical pulses and sends them to your spinal cord. These electrical pulses replace the feeling of pain with a tingling or massaging sensation. A variety of neurostimulators are available to relieve a patient’s specific region of pain, such as the spinal cord or the peripheral nerves.

Three major medical manufacturing companies make neurostimulators: Medtronic, ANS: A St. Jude Medical Company, and Boston Scientific.

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Intrathecal Pain Pump

The Intrathecal Pain Pump drug delivery system is made up of two implantable components: an infusion pump and an intraspinal catheter. The pump is placed in a subcutaneous pocket while the catheter is inserted into the intrathecal space of the spine, tunneled under the skin and connected to the pump. Medication can be delivered at constant or variable flow rates.

Because there are no external parts, the system usually does not interfere with daily activities. A programmable pump allows clinicians to adjust doses non-invasively, minimizing patient discomfort. In addition, the pump can be programmed to deliver different doses at various times of the day depending on the patient's needs. Medtronic is the only medical manufacture of a programmable intrathecal pain pump.

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